Legend has it that the Colonel was Created and reared somewhere between Savannah and the Geechee Gullah Islands.
However, Nobody Really Knows.....
As our Brand Ambassador, The Colonel's life is filled with rich stories and experiences that have led him to become a beloved legendary figure in the hearts and minds of men, women and children worldwide. 

A Message From The Colonel....

Greetings & Salutations, 
I want to personally welcome you to this new fangled digital contraption to introduce our thirst quenching, tongue poppin', lip smacking, liquid manna to be bestowed upon the masses from the heavens above, and therefore we so humbly give thanks!
I sincerely and indubitably hope that you find our refreshing bombastic "Alwawichous" elixirs at a fine establishment albeit a pop up shop, barber or beauty salon, weave or wig emporium, wing & fried rice spot, strip club, back yard BBQ, trap house, museum or wherever the need to stymie the parchment of your throat.
Enjoy some.... Impromptu & forthwith and remember to procure an adequate amount for consumption at later time of your choosing!

Stay Tuned For The Illuminated & Illustrious Adventures Of

Col. Alawichous SugarFoote Hill...

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