Alawichous Tea Company Becomes The Official Drink Of Summer

Chattanooga, TN – Alawichous Tea Company is quickly making the rounds in the non-carbonated beverage market. The all-natural tea beverage has quickly gained recognition throughout the Southeast region of Tennessee & Georgia with their shiny yellow bottles, imaginative imagery and their delicious all natural lemonade tea beverage affectionately known as, “Alawichous”.  
While the name is a mystery to some, legend has it that Alawichous SugarFoote Hill was Created and reared somewhere between Savannah and the Geechee Gullah Islands.
A well lived life filled with rich stories and experiences are brought to life via the larger than life marketing that includes film shorts, comic book style stories and the Colonels outrageously debonair portrait gracing each bottle. Debuting at their first local Chattanooga Farmers Market on May 18, 2021 , the brand sold out in less than 60 minutes.
From tea connoisseurs to sweet tea aficionados, the final verdict was in and the brand was born. Made from a harmonious blend of “Good Water”, (An Alawichous branded filtered water sourced from a Southern spring), the freshest lemons, pure cane sugar and BLACK tea. And as the Colonel would say, “That’s All Y’all”.
Alawichous Tea Company is a small batch handcrafted tea brewery. The brand currently offers beverages to restaurants, hotels, schools, farmers markets, grocery stores and to individual customers. In doing their part for the environment the signature sustainable stainless steel 22oz vessels have become a fan favorite.
With a loyal following across various demographics, Alawichous Tea Company pulls its own inspiration from its fiercely loyal social media following and devoted fan base. With offices in Chattanooga & Atlanta, Alawichous Tea Company prides itself on delivering uniquely designed packaging aligned with a superior quality beverage. Most recently the brand was selected as a Cohort for the CoLab Proof Consumer Products Good Accelerator Program. 
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